Garden Delights



I am loving this fresh white and green garden story full of gorgeous styling ideas. The white, vintage enamelled jugs look so quaint full of hand picked garden flowers. I love the idea of giving a pot of herbs wrapped in country gingham and tied with a piece of lace or ribbon. Terracotta pots can easily be given a fresh makeover with a coat of paint and nothing looks prettier than than an outdoor table setting decorating with fresh herbs or garden blooms.

 Green house  Glamour

I am loving this very chic and stylish greenhouse complete with French chandelier, elegant sofa, pretty scatter cushions, antique chairs and hydrangea tub. What a perfect place for iced tea, dainty cakes and gossip with the girls! Strictly no men allowed!

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 Rambling Roses

Is there anything sweeter than the perfume of home grown roses? The colours and the shapes of the petals from garden roses turns each bloom into a work of art, worthy of painting or photographing. Garden sheds and verandas look so pretty when covered in climbing roses, then there's the added bonus of filling the house and garden with their sweet, heady scent. I also think a vase of roses picked straight from the garden is about the prettiest bouquet you'll ever find!

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 The Enchanted Garden


Our garden is a wonderland of pleasure. A sanctuary of calm, quiet and tranquility to get lost in a good book or take an afternoon nap. It's a peaceful haven for alfresco lunches and afternoon teas in dappled sunshine, set elegantly under big shady trees. It's a place of magic and adventure for little ones to explore and make believe and it's cool, green oasis in the summertime for kids to run barefoot in the grass.

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 My Secret Garden

Spring is one of my favourite times of year when the birds are chirping, the bees are busy making honey and the fields are golden with flowers. It's the perfect time to give the garden some much needed love and attention after being somewhat neglected over the winter months. Nothing is more inviting than the garden in springtime when the grass is green and fragrant, the trees are bursting with new growth and the flowers are blooming. It's a perfect spot for late brunch on a sunny day or an afternoon nap under a shady tree!

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