Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring Vintage Pastels



A home takes time to grow and evolve.

I think over the years a house develops it's true character and it's personality starts to shine through. It can take time to find the the right pieces to put the finishing touches on a house - it may be an antique chair found on a country drive, an quirky object found in a garage sale whilst on a summer holiday or some interesting art d'objets found at a flea market or thrift shop. So take your time and gradually your house will come together. I am loving  these chic vintage finds and springtime prettiness.

Melissah xox

Pinboard by Tori Jayne : images via 2-45, 6

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Cassandra. L said...

Love the pastel colors and the vintage look! If I have a cottage I'll definitely design my place like this, so sweet and comfy!

Ann said...

Pastels are a favorite of mine,
they never fail to make me feel light and happy inside.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. I like the delicate colours.

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