Sunday, October 30, 2011

Springtime Frivolity

Sunshine and blue skies beckon you outside. All of a sudden everyone is excited about being outdoors again, planning social gatherings and week getaways. Lighter, brighter clothes are pulled out of wardrobes and winter woollies are packed away. Everyone is thinking out packing a picnic and hitting the beach or the local park. Kids are playing outside again the girls are playing make believe in the garden catching butterflies and dreaming of fairies, the boys are catching skinks and playing guns! The backyard is full of laughter and frivolity and you know summer is on it's way!

Melissah xox

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty Blooms


Celebrate the arrival of spring and fill the house with pretty blooms and floral touches. Think outside the square and look for unusual objects to capture the imagination and display your flowers. Dig around in the garden shed for old tin watering cans and quaint tin buckets. Jam jars, glass apothecary jars, small terracotta pots, bamboo steamers and baskets of all descriptions will make for an interesting arrangement to brighten up the house. Just be sure to use a vase inside any thing that's open to avoid any leaks!


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Springtime Blossoms



Spring is that glorious time of year when nature and fresh air beckons. The sun is shining and it's time to get outside, explore the great outdoors and have some fun again! Head off on a rambling journey through the countryside with a picnic in the boot or jump on a bike and meander down a country lane filled with the sweet perfume of spring blossom. I love the magic and romance of spring - let your imagination run wild and be a little adventurous!

Melissah xox

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Winter Daze


Living down the coast, winter was my least favourite season, generally spent low profile, working hard, patiently waiting for spring. Then in a single day that all changed. One day, I took my husband skiing for his birthday - a sport we had both enjoying, independently, in our younger days. On a sunny, bright blue day surrounded by pristine beauty, fresh mountain air and powder snow - we discovered we both shared a passion for this winter sport. So we raced out and bought our own gear and now our winters are full of anticipation and adventure as we race down the mountains, sip on 'Gl├╝hwein' and indulge in a little apres-ski!

Melissah xox

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ice Skating Party






One on the things I love about winter is ice skating. I have loved the grace and beauty of it ever since I was a little girl. My vision of gracefully twirling, gliding and spinning on ice never matched the reality but a girl can dream! A popular request for birthday outings was a day at the ice-skating rink - the day always finished up the same elated by bruised and battered! It never gets cold enough here to have an outdoor rink but times spent skating on outdoor rinks in the open air at Central Park, The Rockerfella Center and Switzerland have filled me with magic! 

Melissah xox

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Fashion Story

With the change of each season, not only does it mean a new lifestyle but it requires a whole new wardrobe! It's time to pack away summery things and bring out the chunky knits, woollie scarves and leather gloves. Dust off knee high winter boots and dig up your most stylish gumboots for a stroll in the park, kicking up autumn leaves as you go! As the days grow cooler and shorter it's the perfect time to layer up in cashmere, wool, flannel and tartan and be sure not forget this season's 'must-have' accessory - the hat!
Melissah xox


Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Bright Bunch

Enjoy the simple delights of summer with pretty things like fruity summer cocktails, gorgeous blooms at the market, dainty macarons, pink Champagne, gelatis and frosted cupcakes. Indulge in summer activities like long strolls in the park, dining alfresco and summer drinks in the garden!

Melissah xox

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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Weekend Bike Ride

The most beautiful discoveries are often made by chance and are best shared with someone close. Packing a light hamper and setting out for a romantic day exploring the countryside just may lead to the unexpected. On past adventures, casual meanderings have lead to beautiful waterfalls, inspiring art galleries, quaint tea houses and idyllic picnic spots Guided by nothing more than a sense of curiosity, you can follow whatever path pleases you. The countryside has an uncanny way of leading to the most wonderful places. 

Melissah xox

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