Thursday, September 20, 2012

Herb Love

Herbs are the quintessential plant  
- they look gorgeous, smell even better,
 improve the taste of your food and do you the world of good.
Pick them straight from the garden and add a dash to a dish, 
a touch in tea, a sprig on your roast or a sprinkle in your soup.
The extra flavour in your cooking is well worth the effort. 

Melissah xox

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ilmondodiselezione said...

I love herbs and i love your pictures!

Sunny greetings from germany


bec said...

just planted herbs in my new vegie garden...can't wait to pick them as they get bigger... they sure are a must in the garden.
Bec x

Apron Girl said...

Herbs are just so beautiful. I was just thinking about it yesterday when I ordered a lavendar Mist cocktail on vacay. It came with a spring of lavendar on top - so pretty. I say the more simple the better. I love the first pic.

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