Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let's Go Glamping!

Forget the camping of your childhood and go 'Glamping' which lets you enjoy luxuries far exceeding anything most campers have ever experienced, while allowing you the same exposure to the great outdoors like traditional camping.

Typical glamping tents are solid canvas constructs, often designed with bright designer colours and materials. They are furnished with hotel-style beds, carpets, chairs, desks and other furniture. They are often fitted out with stylish, private bathrooms and have power and running water. The level of luxury you will experience in such a glamping tent is very similar to a hotel room or a high-end bungalow. Imagine smelling pine-scented air while lying in your comfortable bed, listening to the sounds of birds and crickets.


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nik said...

Hello Melissah!
oh...I wish I was there, on the first photo...hahahaha:) Your post is just perfect, as always! I'm impressed with whole your blog (ups! sorry-blogs!;). You deserved for an award! I reward You and your amazing blog, come to mine and check what's now!
kisses nik

Beach Coast Style said...

You just might get me to go camping if it looks just like that. I've only gone a camping a few times and let's just say it's not tops on my list. But, leave it to you my friend to make things like camping glamorous. said...

I love to be outside and the outdoors. Camping is so not my thing, BUT I could get used to that ;) Have a great weekend.

Home and Lifestyle said...

Wonderful places to be during holiday!!

Warm regards, Ingrid

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