Dreaming of Summer

For me summer is all about 'chilling'. Days are spent carefree and barefoot, lying in the long grass, watching the kids climb trees and lazing around in the garden. It gives me great pleasure to watch the kids running, playing and chasing each other - enjoying the outdoors and fresh air. Get togethers are casual and life is simple. We breeze through the summer months without a care in the world!

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Summer Fruits

Celebrate summer with fresh seasonal produce. Ripe summer fruits are one of the many joys of summer. Peaches, apricots and nectarines are my all time favourites with their velvelty skins, sweet fragrance and juicy flesh. These stone fruits are perfect any way, fresh and natural, caramelised under the grill or sliced and layered in a pie or a tart. Berries of any description also fill me with delight and make for delicious desserts served up with ice-cream or simply eaten straight from the punnet!

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  Summer Fruits




Summer is without a doubt my favourite season. There are some many things to love :- late morning wakeups, breakfast on the balcony, long scented baths on a summer's evening, outdoor entertaining, pottering in the garden and lazy afternoons spent in a hammock. With warmer days comes the temptation of fruity pospicles and homemade cakes and biscuits for afternoon tea, just in case some unexpected visitors drop by!

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 A Bright Bunch

Enjoy the simple delights of summer with pretty things like fruity summer cocktails, gorgeous blooms at the market, dainty macarons, pink Champagne, gelatis and frosted cupcakes. Indulge in summer activities like long strolls in the park, dining alfresco and summer drinks in the garden!

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 Carefree Summer Days

It's summertime and the living is easy. The air is warm and sultry, cicadas are humming in the distance and the days are long and languid. Put on a pretty summer dress, gather your friends and spend a lazy afternoon over a long leisurely lunch in the garden. Serve up something light and tasty with a glass of Pimms, watch the conversation flow and laughter fill the air!

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  Summer Passion


Nothing says summer more than :-
the smell of scented roses and lavender in a summer garden
floaty dresses in pastel shades
 reading under a shady tree, painting watercolours
summer breezes and warm, balmy evenings

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