Spring Blossom



Spring is that glorious time of year when nature and fresh air beckons. The sun is shining and it's time to get outside, explore the great outdoors and have some fun again! Head off on a rambling journey through the countryside with a picnic in the boot or jump on a bike and meander down a country lane filled with the sweet perfume of spring blossom. I love the magic and romance of spring - let your imagination run wild and be a little adventurous!

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 My Secret Garden

Spring is one of my favourite times of year when the birds are chirping, the bees are busy making honey and the fields are golden with flowers. It's the perfect time to give the garden some much needed love and attention after being somewhat neglected over the winter months. Nothing is more inviting than the garden in springtime when the grass is green and fragrant, the trees are bursting with new growth and the flowers are blooming. It's a perfect spot for late brunch on a sunny day or an afternoon nap under a shady tree!

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 Fresh and Simple




As we welcome warmer days and clear, blue skies I look forward to all the joys spring has to offer :- outdoor entertaining, spring flowers and an abundance of nature's finest ingredients. It's the perfect season for keeping dishes nice and simple using fresh home grown vegies, ripe juicy fruit, spring herbs, fruity olive oils, free range eggs and sweet honey. It's a great opportunity to give the house it's annual spring clean, freshen things up and re-vamp the wardrobe!

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 Springtime Prettiness

Springtime is filled with prettiness and golden light. There's no better time for an afternoon garden party. At the fist sign of sun move a table into the garden, set it with a white linen cloth and your daintiest finery. Pick flowers from the garden and set out a light lunch or an afternoon tea. Pile the table with home baked treats and serve them up with fruity drink to match or a glass of bubbly! When the party is all over let the children play barefoot in the grass while your curl up with a good book and relax for the rest of the afternoon!

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  Springtime  Frivolity

Sunshine and blue skies beckon you outside. All of a sudden everyone is excited about being outdoors again, planning social gatherings and week getaways. Lighter, brighter clothes are pulled out of wardrobes and winter woollies are packed away. Everyone is thinking out packing a picnic and hitting the beach or the local park. Kids are playing outside again the girls are playing make believe in the garden catching butterflies and dreaming of fairies, the boys are catching skinks and playing guns! The backyard is full of laughter and frivolity and you know summer is on it's way!

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Pretty Blooms


Celebrate the arrival of spring and fill the house with pretty blooms and floral touches. Think outside the square and look for unusual objects to capture the imagination and display your flowers. Dig around in the garden shed for old tin watering cans and quaint tin buckets. Jam jars, glass apothecary jars, small terracotta pots, bamboo steamers and baskets of all descriptions will make for an interesting arrangement to brighten up the house. Just be sure to use a vase inside any thing that's open to avoid any leaks!

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