A Weekend Bike Ride

The most beautiful discoveries are often made by chance and are best shared with someone close. Packing a light hamper and setting out for a romantic day exploring the countryside just may lead to the unexpected. On past adventures, casual meanderings have lead to beautiful waterfalls, inspiring art galleries, quaint tea houses and idyllic picnic spots Guided by nothing more than a sense of curiosity, you can follow whatever path pleases you. The countryside has an uncanny way of leading to the most wonderful places. 

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 A  Sunday Drive

Leave the maps behind and head into the picturesque countryside for a drive along rambling tree-lined roads for a journey through lush, green pastures and pretty villages. With a picnic basket brimming with tasty treats, take your time exploring hidden trails, picking wildflowers as you search for the perfect picnic spot. I love this Donna Hay magazine shoot from one of her Spring Issues. It reminds me of the little red MG I had in my twenties which was great for picnics and road trips. My hair never looked great at the other end but at least I had fun getting there!

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 Butterfly Dreaming


This spring, my garden has been a mass of the prettiest, tiny white butterflies dancing all over the flowers. It conjures up romantic visions of a by-gone era and I fancy myself in a long floaty dress skipping around with a butterfly net catching these pretty things but somehow I doubt if I'll find the time!

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 A Day In The Country

Escape the everyday and take off on adventure to the countryside. Collect ideas from the Sunday papers and your favourite mags on tips for things to do on an idle weekend and places to stay. I have a folder full of ideas ranging from country retreats, to beautiful rainforest walks, National Parks, places to hire bikes and canoes, secluded lakes, cosy log cabins and sweet, little cottages. When there's a free weekend we book somewhere that takes our fancy and head off in search of a relaxed weekend and life's simple pleasures.

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 Lazy Days

Some days it's just nice to not do anything. I love nothing more than relaxing at home with cups of tea in bed, piles of good mags, fresh flowers in the house and the sun streaming in through the windows. These are my simple luxuries in life - a weekend without chores and plenty of 'me' time. I could easily spend the whole day lazing around in my Calvin Klein lounge pants curled up in a comfy chair getting lost in a good book. If I am feeling very adventurous, then I may even have afternoon tea at a local cafe where they make the best homemade carrot cake!

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  Sunday Picnic

Sundays are a perfect opportunity to veer off the beaten track in search of a pretty meadow or a river bank basking in the day's welcoming sun. Settle in among the daisies swaying gently in the breeze and let the hours unravel over delicious home baked goodies and lazy conversation. Go for a wander and skip stones in the river before the winding country road lures you back to city life and the working week!

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