Monday, January 21, 2013

Garden Story


I am loving this chic and romantic gardening inspiration.
Sadly my garden clothes and tools
are not nearly as stylish
I really need to get my act together in that department
and look a little more fashionable in the garden!

Melissah xox

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Anonymous said...

Very nice pics !

vintageandart said...

Lovely "garden story" pics that a crochet slipper in the pot?? Now that's an unusual thing to grow..hahaha!! The hanging watering cans look fantastic don't they. said...

Love your garden story :) hug, Barbara

Kstylick said...

Very Sweet pics! :)

Wunderbares Zuhause said...

I also have no stylish garden clothes and tools, just purpose-built. :) These images are full of inspiration for stylish summer garden. Really great!

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