Thursday, August 9, 2012

Handwritten Words


Writing is such a feminine notion :-

I love the idea of sitting down and putting pen to paper - 
either by writing a letter or making an entry in a journal.
I always have a notebook on the go for jotting down ideas and things I see 
but don't want to forget.
Handwritten notes have so much personality
 - something that is void in emails and typewritten words.
A personality appears in every curve and loop
There is nothing more pleasing and well mannered than receiving a hand written
thank-you note, especially in today's fast paced world.

Melissah xox

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Anonymous said...

the colors are beautiful as always !

LillyLavande said...

I would like to leave you a handwrite notice! I love them too! But I can say, you wrote and showed us so beautyfull pic's - I love this too... Big hug Judith

Amy said...

ahh, love the ruffled bed spread in the first pic!

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