Monday, March 19, 2012

Cute As A Button


Images via Leibowitz and Mclachlan

This designing duo from Sydney have found the perfect balance when it comes to decorating kids rooms. They are fresh and simple with lots of white on white. They usually throw some pastel shades into the mix to create some interest. They use textures really well in the form of cane baskets, sisal flooring, cotton and linen fabrics. The soft toys, vintage car, cute doll's pram and fun artwork all make the space feel very personal. I love their use of open display shelving - a great way to store things neatly and add some colour. They also have a clever knack for adding quirky finishing touches like this hand painted mural on the kids' bathroom wall.

Melissah xox


aboutgarden said...

Hi Melissah
i love this kids rooms
I admire your style choices and photos to use!
xo from Italy

SSM said...

I just love white!

Paula said...

Hi Melissah, Thank so much for stopping by my blog! it was ages ago, but I dipped out of the blogsphere for a while, and have only just come back! your blog is beautiful. Wonderful choice of images, and such a pretty feel. I'll be back often!

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